Word to the Wise - The Dr. Hops Is In!

English | Comedy

My treat to my listeners this time around is Joshua Rood & Thomas Weaver who run and produce Dr. Hops Kombucha Beer. Joshua is the CEO and managing director while Thomas handles everything on the brew side which is no easy feat. Getting their start on Indiegogo in 2017, with little more than great aspirations and an amazing vision, they set out to contribute their slice of cultural revolution upon their corner of the world that embodies healthy living. Kombucha is not a new concept, but kombucha beer into a hard alcoholic drink was a huge undertaking. Luckily, with a strong background in brewing, and a passion for microbiology, Thomas was more than up the the challenge. Now a full-fledged company with an amazing, supportive team, they are cranking out some of the best kombucha beer you'll ever have. You can either take my word for it or go grab some for yourself. I'd prefer you go have a taste, though! Our conversation was short, but sweet and it was a pleasure to have them on. Join us as we discuss their process, fermentation and where they are headed. TUNE IN NOW!! Website - https://drhops.com/ Instagram - @drhopskb


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