Ep 5: Featuring Avinash Chauhan on How Podminers can help you to monetize your passion

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What happens when radio or podcast platform works using bloackchain? And helps you to monetize your passion or just can provide you a platform where you can upload your audio contents and that's too free. Avinash Chauhan - CEO of Podminers explained how podcast and audio platform things can be revolutionsed. Heya! beautiful people. In this podcast Avinash Chauhan shares insights of Podminers. What is podminers and how it can bring revolution to radio and podcast industry using blockchain. If you are looking for a platform for your audio contents, look no more. Listen to the full episode now and start your own podcast journey today ❤ Hey, you can find me on LinkedIn - @jagyasini . Come and let's connect and share knowledge and spread wisdom. If you liked my podcast do not forget to share, comment and like and make someone's day. ❤