Episode 10 - Places to Visit in Australia- Part1: Cairns to Canberra

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Welcome to Episode 10 of the Arty Anglais Podcast. The Podcast where we talk about Art, Culture and Society to help you learn English naturally.  This week I'm talking about some of my favourite places to visit in Australia. This will be the first episode in a series of 3 talking about creative and amazing places to visit in Australia.  In today's episode, I'll share with some places in Queensland, New South Wales and we'll end today's voyage in Canberra.  We'll visit The Great Barrier Reef and Far North Queensland and travel south along the east coast of Australia towards Sydney. I'll explain some of the creative and inspiring places you could visit on a trip to Australia or just to find out more about about this beautiful country.  You'll hear me share some galleries, and exhibitions and of course the wonderful natural views which are pieces of art in themselves.   Cairns Indigenous Art Fair Ngarru Art Gallery Mossman Cultural Centre SWELL Sculpture Festival Where to see Urban Art in Brisbane Brisbane's Southbank Brisbane GOMA   Vivid Sydney Top 10 Things to Do and See at Sydney's Bondi Beach Sculpture by the Sea Bondi In the next episode, we'll head to Victoria and Melbourne and Tasmania!  You can find the transcript with images for today's episode here.  Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and leave us an evaluation to help grow the podcast so more people can find us. You can get in touch with Tara at info@artyanglais.com 


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