Ep 6: Featuring Abhishek Kundu on Why social responsibilty is a choice?

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Featuring Abhishek Kundu on why social responsibility is a choice and unfolding an unnoticed Story. __________________________________________ Abhishek Kundu is a Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) & Aleya Khan Foundation, Suicide Prevention & Wellness Coach and working against Anti Child Abuse and many social cause. __________________________ This podcast covers the unnoticed journey of Abhishek in India on how and why he has dedicated his life towards the social cause. Why social responsibility is a choice? What are the key features of Job seekers before applying for a job? Why we Humans don't need any extra super powers? ____________________________ Listen to the full podcast and shower some love! Please subscribe! and Take care! 😊 Follow Abhishek Kundu on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn ❤Hey, You can find me on LinkedIn- @jagyasini . Come and let's connect and share knowledge and spread wisdom.