Episode 11 - Arty Places to visit in Australia: Melbourne and Tasmania

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Welcome to Episode 11 of the Arty Anglais Podcast. The Podcast where we talk about Art, Culture and Society to help you learn English naturally. You can find the transcript with images for today's episode here. This week I'm talking about some of my favourite places to visit in Victoria and Tasmania, Australia. This is the second episode in a series of 3 episodes where I talk about creative places to visit in Australia. In today's episode, I'll share with you some places in Victoria and Tasmania. As I am from Melbourne, I'll spend a lot of time talking about some of the places I know well. We'll take off from where we left off in Episode 10 in Canberra and we'll visit Albury, Benalla, Shepparton, Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road, Geelong, Wilson Promontory and finally, we'll finish in Hobart. Some of the places you'll hear me talk about include: Albury/Benalla MAMA - Murray Art Museum Albury Wall to Wall Festival Shepparton Mooving Art Silo and Water tank Art Melbourne / Victoria Melbourne museum Blender Studios Street Art Tours Junky Projects Blindside Finkelstein Gallery Celia Rosser Art Gallery Powerhouse Museum The Bendigo Art Gallery Penguin Parade. Tasmania MONA (Museum of modern and Old Art) Tasmania Arts Guide Street Art guide (Hobart) Art Walls Murals (Self Guided Tour) In the next episode, we'll head to South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and leave us an evaluation to help grow the podcast so more people can find us. You can get in touch with Tara at info@artyanglais.com


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