Episode 12 - How to be creative. Should I make Art?

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Welcome to Episode 12 of the Arty Anglais Podcast. The Podcast where we talk about Art, Culture and Society to help you learn English naturally.  You can find the transcript with images for today's episode here. You'll need to sign up as a site member, but don't worry it's free to sign up or you can find our channel on YouTube and put on the subtitles. This week I'm taking a break from talking about Australia and instead I'm talking about how to be creative and some of the challenges I have faced. In today's episode, I'll share some books by Austin Kleon that I have found useful over my years working as a creative person.  Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and leave us an evaluation to help grow the podcast so more people can find us. You can get in touch with Tara at info@artyanglais.com 


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