Ep 7: Featuring Aitijya Sarkar on why only the BROKEN can Heal

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Aitijya Sarkar is a social entrepreneur, Founder of the wall and us foundation and also running an initiative called Safe Space Initiative. He and his team are solving mental health through volunteer run alternatives to therapy. __________________________ This podcast covers the story behind the wall and us foundation and also covers some important metrics that shaking the mental health industry. We have also discussed about why Therapy is not the only solution to solve mental health issues? Why big Influencers are hypocrites? How to be authentic? Why only the broken can heal? World is hypocrites towards mental issue. ____________________________ Listen to the full podcast and shower some love! Please subscribe! and Take care! 😊 Follow Aitijya Sarkar on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Website - https://thewallandus.com/ ❤Hey, You can find me on LinkedIn- @jagyasini . Come and let's connect and share knowledge and spread wisdom.