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A weekly(ish) one-take, blockchain-hosted, talk show-format podcast* covering cryptocurrency, current events and broader philosophical ideas. Hosted by Cory Wright and Johny Altan. *Donations are very much appreciated as this is a self-funded venture. As a blockchain-hosted podcast, we accept cryptocurrency donations to the following wallet address: BTC: bc1qg0yeq8s8frhtt3c8trrs9dx2kj78f22m9glr7m ETH: 0x0F6139131B067fd85D023B680C082F1F4F1D86ac

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We are just starting out in crypto and the whole reason this podcast was started was to document the beginning of our crypto journey. This week we take it back to basics and discuss key market terms before delving into broader ideas behind cryptocurrency. Are we still early?, are we too late?, and why people like us are getting on board now.

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Back again, with the second episode of X:XX (1:29) and we begin with the question that ended our first episode: Is investing in cryptocurrency a seat at the poker table? this leads to discussing the new dip, and what to do about whales and their impact in the market/project/exchange ecosystem. As always, philosophics follow.

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EP1: 1:29



Each Episode is titled with its duration in H:MM format* Episode 1 of X:XX (1:29) introduces the speakers and the ideas behind the podcast before delving into the topics of cryptocurrency, investing, as well as political and popular influence in tech and society. Episode 1 ended prematurely as this platform limits each upload to 90 minutes in duration. The episode ended with the question "Is investing in crypto a seat at the poker table"? Episode 2 will begin by addressing this question.

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